XREAL Games VR bundle (New Steam Account Global)

You get your own completely new account with the game XREAL Games VR bundle. It is possible to change all access to your Account Steam + EMail. Full access.

After payment you will receive access to your account and access to email, on which the account was registered.

No one has installed the game on the account before. Brand new account.

About this bundle

The 'XREAL Games VR bundle' comes with two essential VR shooters: Zero Caliber, a realistic military shooter and A-Tech Cybernetic, an arcade-horror shooter, both developed and published by XREAL Games.
Action packed, engaging stories, gripping gunfights, an arsenal of hard hitting weapons and breathtaking environments - the perfect recipe for some grade A action!

• Zero Caliber is a military FPS developed from the ground up for VR. Play the Singleplayer campaign or fight alongside your friends in Co-op! (PvP mode coming soon as well!) Customize your weapons on-the-fly, use realistic weapon handling and physics to accomplish your mission: saving humanity!

• A-Tech Cybernetic is an arcade-horror shooter, aiming to be the most visceral experience available for VR. It’s up to you to stop the mutant invasion at a futuristic megacorp with your arsenal of brutal weapons!

If you’re looking for a thrilling, immersive action-experience and you’re a fan of refined shooting mechanics, this bundle is custom-tailored to satisfy your needs. You can now buy two of the highest-rated games in their respective genres for a great price!

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