Refund Policy 

1. According to the rules of the site Site-Games.Com, the buyer has 7 days from the date of purchase to check the functionality of the digital key.

2. If you have any problem with the product after purchasing, contact the seller via the Refund module.

3. Correspondence with the seller may resolve some of the minor issues you may have with the product.

4. Refunds can be requested only within 7 days after purchasing the digital key. Sellers are aware of this and are obliged to assist you in resolving any problems.

5. The seller has 14 days from the date of sending the message through the refund module to resolve problems with the digital key. If during this time the problem has not been resolved, this dispute goes to the site administration, which makes the final decision.

6. The delivery of your product might sometimes be delayed without any fault on the seller's part. If this happens, contact the seller via the Refund module for updates and possible solutions. If the delivery of a fully functional product has been substantially delayed, you are also eligible for a refund.

7. When purchasing digital products marked with an Account, a refund is possible only if*:

- if digital products do not match those that were purchased.

- if the access to the account that the seller sent is not suitable and the seller could not solve this problem.

* if point number 7 is violated, then write about the refund and controversial issues of accounts with a digital product, write -->

8. Refunds are not possible if payment was made using cryptocurrency.

9. For more information, please read the Terms and Conditions with full and binding information. If you have more questions, our Support Team will be happy to help.