Terms and Conditions

Please read the following important terms and conditions before you purchase any codes for digital games and/or content through this website.


  1. 1.1 Our Website lists various digital content, e.g. downloadable game titles and other downloadable content (“Content”). We sell on the Website official keys, issued by the publisher and/or the developer of relevant Content (“Developer”), which allow the user to unlock, access and download the relevant Content from the Developer’s platform (“Code(s)”). We are not the Developer of the Content and we do not own or operate the Developer’s platform. In addition to these Terms, you may also be subject to the Developer’s end user licence agreement and other terms related to its Content and its platform

  2. 1.2 the Site is not an online shop but merely an online platform where Users may conduct transactions between them.

  3. 1.3 the offers and sales performed via the Site are made between particular Sellers or Selling Users and Users while SITE-GAMES.COM only facilitates such transactions by means of establishing and maintaining the Site’s functionalities and provides certain additional services to the Users aimed at improving safety, speed and certainty of the transactions.

  4. 1.4 Users acknowledge and accept that SITE-GAMES.COM may make any changes to its Site, Terms and Conditions and Services without prior notice to users.. Such changes will be reflected in the Regulations accordingly. By further using such Site and Services you signify your agreement to be bound by all changes that may affect the User.

  5. 1.5 When you use any Services or send emails to us, you are communicating with us electronically. We will communicate with you by email or by posting notices on the Website or through other Services. For contractual purposes, you consent to receive communications from us electronically and you agree that all agreements, notice, disclosures and other communications that we provide you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing, unless mandatory applicable laws specifically require a different form of communication.


2.1 Joining SITE-GAMES.COM and buying items on sale at the Site is free of charge. We charge fees for using Services such as putting items for sale at the Site. Whenever you are putting an item for sale or using other paid Services, you signify your agreement to be charged in accordance with the terms set out in our Pricelist that may be amended from time to time by us.

2.2 Amendments to the Pricelist become effective upon giving a two-weeks’ notice to Users by posting such amendments on the Site.

2.3 All fees are denominated in Euros, otherwise changes will be communicated.

2.4 We will pass on changes in the rate of VAT. If the rate of VAT changes between your order date and the date we supply the Content, we will adjust the rate of VAT that you pay, unless you have already paid for the Content in full before the change in the rate of VAT takes effect.

2.5 The user must sign into access and use the Site. SITE-GAMES.COM reserves its right to restrict access to or suspend the provision of Services (including but not limited to any functions and/or feature of the Site) without prior notice to you in advance.

2.6 Services (or any other functionalities incorporated into the Site) can be different for different countries or regions. No guarantee is given to the effect that a Service or functionality of a certain type or reach will be available for all Users.

2.7 SITE-GAMES.COM has the right to introduce, change or increase the fee for, impose terms and conditions of use, suspend or discontinue any Services (or any functionalities incorporated into a Service/the Site) without prior notice, excluding paid Services.

2.8 All fees and charges together the payment terms are shown in our Pricelist.


3.1 The User and the Seller hereby agree to and accept these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy and Cookies Policy as a whole and without reservations.

3.2 Users unable to conclude a legally binding agreement with SITE-GAMES.COM, with Selling Users or with Sellers and those who are prohibited from using the services due to the regulations of the State or regional restrictions, including the country/region of current residence of the User and place of use of services, are hereby asked to refrain from using the Site. The User hereby confirms that he or she is at least eighteen (18) years old (or has reached another age which in light of his or her domestic law entitles the User to conclude legally binding agreements), has full capacity to take legal actions and agrees to these Terms and Conditions.

3.3 The User is obliged to become familiar with SITE-GAMES.COM Personal Information Protection Policy specifying all the details of how to protect and use Users’ personal information that is in possession of SITE-GAMES.COM. By using the Site or Services you signify your agreement to follow and be bound by the terms and conditions of Personal Information Protection and all applicable rules and policies relating the Personal Information Protection.

3.4 The User agrees that he/she will not take any action to compromise the integrity of computer systems or networks belonging to SITE-GAMES.COM and/or any other User or to obtain unauthorised access to such computer systems or networks.


3.5 The User agrees that he/she will not take any action to compromise the integrity of SITE-GAMES.COM comment system such as posting a positive comment using another member ID or through third parties or posting an unfounded negative comment on any other User.

3.6 The User is obliged to read the description of the product before buying it. In case of questions about the product, the User is obliged to clarify them with the Seller before purchase.

3.7 The User is obliged not to change the settings of the game accounts that he purchases, otherwise the Seller has the right to refuse service to the User without a refund.

3.8 By purchasing a product, the User automatically agrees to the paragraph 3.6. and 3.7

3.9 Using automation scripts and programs, which cause server performance issues, will be considered a violation of rules and it may result in a penalty for the account.

3.10 The User is obliged to the prohibition on abuse of electronic means of communication and to provide the following content to SITE-GAMES.COM IT systems:

a) causing work disturbance or overloading of IT systems,

b) incompatible with universally applicable law,

c) violating third party rights, including copyright, intellectual property rights or personal rights, 

d) provide unlawful content.

3.11 We use the YouTube API Services to provide functionality such as loading thumbnails for YouTube videos. By using this functionality, you agree to be bound by YouTube’s Terms of Service https://www.youtube.com/t/terms.

3.12 The Seller provides one copy of the digital product to the buyer. One digital product for one device (PC, Console). The transfer of the digital product by the buyer to third parties is prohibited. The seller has the right to refuse to service this digital product if the seller can prove to the site administration SITE-GAMES.COM about the violation of this clause.

3.13 The Seller is responsible for adding and describing the product on the site SITE-GAMES.COM. The product name should be short. The product description must contain all the data that is included in the product that is being sold.

3.14 SITE-GAMES.COM has the right to remove the seller's product without any explanation if it violates the rules of the site.

3.15 We are entitled to cancel any order made by the buyer which remains unpaid for 30 minutes.

3.16 Orders older than 180 days may be deleted from the database of the SITE-GAMES.COM. Depending on the type of product, where it is indicated that the buyer must activate the digital key or change access to their own if bought a Steam account, such products may be deleted from the database of the online store.
Site, SITE-GAMES.COM is not responsible for the lost information.


4.1 In order to set up his/her account, the User is obliged to register by filling in the registration form available on the Site. During registration, the User is prompted to supply his or her current email address and username as well as to accept the Terms and Conditions and Cookies Policy. After subscription to the Site, SITE-GAMES.COM will open an account.  If it is discovered by SITE-GAMES.COM that the User utilized an email address that was created by the User with the intent that the email address be in existence for a limited period of time (e.g. a so called disposable email address) SITE-GAMES.COM reserves the right to suspend User’s account.  If a User’s account is suspended any balance on said account may be fortified.  SITE-GAMES.COM may, at SITE-GAMES.COM sole discretion, re-activate such an account or assist in transferring funds.

4.2 Each User is personally responsible for keeping secret and safe their own ID and password and for all actions taken as part of their account. Neither User is entitled to share, assign, or authorize the use of their account, private ID or password by any other person whatsoever. The User undertakes to advise Kinguin.net immediately of each unauthorized use of their password or account or any other violation of security rules in their account.

4.3 The User undertakes to deem all actions taken as part of their account (including spamming, publication of information on other companies, clicking to accept Additional Arrangements, subscription to or freezing of other services, e-mailing or texting via the account) as approved by the User.

4.4 If a site user noticed an error in the website SITE-GAMES.COM, he must report this to the site support service support@site-games.com and not use this site error to harm the website.

4.5 The User who wants to sell his/her products or services via the Site (becoming the status of the Selling User) is obliged to provide in the registration process (or later when completing the account data) i.e. the following data: name, surname, address of residence, phone number, bank account number, VAT (or other tax) identification number, business registration number, scanned copy of passport or other identity document..

4.6 “Seller” is defined as any User who puts his/her/its products on sale at the Site. Each Seller represents, warrants and acknowledges that (a) has the full capacity and right to accept the Regulations, grant licenses and authorizations and assume such obligations; (b) will use the Sites for business purposes only; and (c) the address given by the Seller during the registration process is the registered office of their business operations. Because of this assumption, any cooperating division or subsidiary will not be deemed to be separate entities; the registered office of the company will be deemed to be its head office.

4.7 SITE-GAMES.COM is entitled to verify the data of the User or the Seller by requesting from the User or the Seller presentation of proper documents, their copies, scans, etc. In particular, SITE-GAMES.COM may request from natural persons not being entrepreneurs a scan of an identification document, and from natural persons being entrepreneurs, from legal persons, as well as from organization units being the Sellers, presentation of proper documents which would confirm: the company address, being entered in the proper register, authorization to represent the natural person or organization unit, as well as to enter into obligations on his/her behalf for a person registering on the Site, VAT identification number and contact data such as phone number or email address. The documents (their scans of copies) confirming the above data shall be provided within 14 days since the day, on which SITE-GAMES.COM requested providing them from a person intending to register on the Site. The lack of providing these documents (their scans or copies) may constitute the reason to refuse registration on the Site. SITE-GAMES.COM may also request proper documents (their scans or copies) after registration of the User or the Seller – in that case the lack of providing the documents (their scans or copies) may constitute the reason to block the account of a given Seller or User or result in inability to sell the products or services via the Site by the Seller or the Selling User.

4.8 Following correct registration on the Site by the User he or she is provided with access to the full functionality of the Site after entering his or her login and password on the login page.


4.9 At the time of being granted an account the Seller agrees that their contact details will be included in the Sellers Database and SITE-GAMES.COM and its partners will provide such contact information to other Users or otherwise process their personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

4.10 Each Seller represents, warrants and acknowledges that (a) they will be personally responsible for securing all necessary third party licenses and authorizations for the content to be submitted, published and presented by the Seller; (b) none of the content submitted, published and presented by the Seller does not infringe or violate any third party copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade names, trade secrets or any other third party copyrights or moral rights whatsoever (Third Party Rights); and (c) the Seller is entitled to sell, market, distribute or export, offer for sale, marketing or distribution or use the products and services described in the Bid Content and the said sale, marketing, distribution or export does not violate any Third Party Rights.

4.11 Furthermore, each Seller represents, warrants, and acknowledges that the property on sale that they submit, present, and publish:


a) will be genuine, appropriate, complete and lawful;


b) will not be false, deceitful or unreliable;


c) does not contain information that is libelous, threatening, harassing, obscene, controversial, offensive, explicit or discriminatory to any minority;


d) does not contain information that is discriminatory or promote discrimination based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age;


e) does not violate the Password Policy, Regulations or any other related Additional Arrangements;


f) does not infringe any applicable laws or regulations (including but not limited to regulations regarding export control, protection of consumer rights, unfair competition or fraudulent advertising) or promote any behavior that might infringe or violate any applicable laws or legal provisions;


g) does not link, either directly or indirectly, to any website(s) that might contain content infringing the Regulations.


4.12 Each Seller represents, warrants, and acknowledges that they:


a) will take all actions when visiting the Sites in accordance with applicable laws and regulations;


b) will deal with other Site users in good faith;


c) will take all actions in accordance with the Regulations, other documents and applicable Additional Arrangements;


d) will not use the Sites or any Sites for embezzlement or abuse of other users (e.g. sale of stolen property, use of stolen credit/debit cards);


e) will not profess themselves as someone or whatever else or misrepresent their details or relations with someone or whatever else;


f) will not become involved in spamming or phishing (acquire information deceitfully);


g) will not become involved in any other unlawful activity (including crimes, torts, etc.) or encourage or persuade to commit unlawful acts;


h) will not become involved in any attempt to reproduce, use or embezzle any legally reserved Kinguin.net address directories, databases and password lists;


i) will not use any computer virus or any other destructive equipment or code to destroy, tamper, intercept or appropriate any software or hardware, data or personal information whatsoever;


j) will not attempt to compromise the integrity of data, systems or networks used by SITE-GAMES.COM and/or any other Site user or gain unauthorized access to such data, systems or networks;


k) will not become involved in any action that might otherwise render Kinguin.net or our partners liable.

4.13 Registration on the Site by the User, Seller and/or Selling User is equivalent to the User, Seller and/or Selling User Seller having read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions in full, including the Privacy and Cookies Policy, Notwithstanding the above the User, Seller and/or Selling User who has not registered on the Site is also regarded as having accepted the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy and Cookies Policy at the moment he or she chooses to use any of the functionalities of the Site.


4.14 In case of any violation of these Terms and Conditions and the law in force by the User, SITE-GAMES.COM reserves its right and possibility to block the User’s account, without the possibility of a refund on the account..

4.15 Within the scope permitted by law, SITE-GAMES.COM reserves the possibility of temporary unavailability of the access to the Site or to accounts, which may occur due to modernization works conducted or technical problems. Where technical problems arise, SITE-GAMES.COM hereby commits to deal with them as soon as possible.

4.16 The User acknowledges that sharing their account with other people or giving access thereto to many persons other than the User’s personnel may cause irreversible damage to SITE-GAMES.COM, Sellers or other Users. The User is obliged to protect SITE-GAMES.COM and our partners against losses and damage caused using their account by third parties.

4.17 The User and the Seller shall neither use other Users’ and Sellers’ accounts nor make their accounts available to other Users, Sellers or third parties.

4.18 The Users and the Sellers assume responsibility for actions and outcomes of actions of persons, whom they provided with the access to the account, for the actions undertaken on the Site.

4.19 The Sellers must publish the product description and specifications. Specifications should be taken from the official website of the product at the time of publication. If the specifications have been updated by the product developer after publication, then the Sellers is not responsible for the incorrect publication of the specifications.

4.20 The account of the Seller and the Selling User may be blocked if it is noticed that the products put on sale by the Seller or the Selling User are faulty or had already been used.

4.21 The funds earned will be available on the Seller’s account only if the Customer who bought the product confirms that it works. If the Customer does not report an issue within 7 day of the purchasing date, the funds will automatically be released, and they will be available on the Seller’s account.

4.22 SITE-GAMES.COM shall not be held in any manner whatsoever responsible for any third parties’ services or products offered by Seller on the Site.  SITE-GAMES.COM shell also not be held responsible for any products or services offered by Seller on the Site with the use of or through third parties’ services or websites.  Especially SITE-GAMES.COM takes no liability or responsibility whatsoever for any changes, suspensions or termination regarding such third parties’ services or products and SITE-GAMES.COM makes no representation or warranty that any such services or products will not be changed suspended or terminated (by way of illustration, SITE-GAMES.COM shall not be held responsible or liable for change, suspension or termination of user account(s) controlled, owned or administrated by third parties).


5.1 If the Buyer opens a request for a refund for the product (Dispute) (Digital key), the money for the products on the Seller's account is withdrawn until the end of the dispute.

5.2 When opening a dispute, the Seller must resolve the issue with the Buyer with the problematic product within 14 days from the date of opening the dispute.

5.3 In an open dispute for a refund for a product, the Buyer can personally close the dispute by clicking on the "Close ticket" button. In this case, the dispute is closed in favor of the Seller and cannot be opened again for this product.

5.4 In an open dispute for a refund for a product, the Seller can personally close the dispute by clicking on the "Refund" button. In this case, the dispute is closed in favor of the Buyer and cannot be opened again for this product. 

5.5 If the dispute is closed in favor of the Buyer, the entire amount of the product is returned to the Buyer. One more moment, from the main balance of the Seller, the site commission for the product additionally is debited, the money that was returned to the Buyer. 

5.6 If, after 14 days from the moment of opening the dispute, the dispute has not been resolved, it is automatically transferred to the site administration. The site administration has the right to ask questions and request additional information from the parties to the dispute. If a question or request from the site administration to one of the parties to the dispute has not been answered within 14 days, the site administration has the right to close the dispute in favor of another party to the dispute.

5.7 The site administration has the opportunity to consider the dispute before the final decision of the site administration and is not limited in time.

5.8 The final decision of the administration on the dispute is final. The site administration is not obliged to comment on why the dispute was resolved that way.

5.9 Refunds on a dispute to the Buyer occurs within 14 days from the date of the decision in his favor.

5.10 Refunds on a dispute to the Seller occur within 7 days from the date of the decision in his favor. The money goes to his main balance.


6.1 The Seller has two types of balance: Main balance and Frozen balance. The main balance is the balance from which you can order the withdrawal of money to an external payment system. A frozen balance is a balance where money is kept for 7 days, for which the Buyer can request a refund, in accordance with clause 4.19.

6.2 When a product is sold, the full cost of the product is added to the Frozen balance. The site commission is credited to the Main balance (in this case, it is possible that the Seller has a negative Main balance). After the end of the warranty 7 days for ordering the return of the products by the Buyer, the amount of the value of the products is transferred from the Frozen balance to the Main balance, thus adding up with the site commission. As a result, on the main balance of the Seller, there will be the amount of the cost of the products that he indicated when publishing the products for sale.