Vigil & GRIME Bundle (New Steam Account Global)

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About this bundle

• Eye-Popping Surrealism - Uncover mysterious secrets in weeping caves and face-covered deserts. Meet otherworldly characters in distinct civilizations across an organic, interconnected world - all rendered in unearthly 3D. Face foes born of the world itself, and swallow them whole.
• Death-Defying Combat - Punish enemies by parrying their attacks, smash them from the ground or even airborne, and absorb them to grow your strength as you wage war on a living world.
• Living Weapons - Seamlessly swap weapons made of living creatures that mutate form during combat, from clawing swords to centipede whips.
• Unique Skill Progression - Hunt down and absorb challenging monsters to improve your skills and bring true customization to your play style.
• Challenge Menacing Bosses - Battle against creatures dozens of times your size. Adapt to their strategies, withstand their assault, and consume them to gain game-changing abilities that affect both combat and traversal.

Vigil: The Longest Night
• Experiment with 4 types of weapon and multiple varieties of each type.
• A number of unique items to suit how you play
• A fusion of Lovecraftian prose and Taiwanese culture
• Complex Skill Tree to create the ultimate warrior of light.
• Unique art style inspired by the art of Chinese Paper Cutting
• Brutal Enemies with multiple methods of attack and surprising attacks
• Explore dank caves, abandoned villages, and haunted forests
• Meet the residents of Leila’s hometown as they struggle in world of maddening darkness
• Battle a host of hideous bosses from the depths of your nightmares
• Multiple endings to unravel
• Music by the talented Jouni Valjakka of metal band Whispered

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