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Easy to learn but hard to master, Touhou Monster TD is the latest Touhou Project Tower Defense Doujin Game, developed by MyACG studio —— the developer of “The Disappearing of the Gensokyo”.

“There is no good TD game for a long time~” —— Houraisan Kaguya

Yes, we always love TD games, but because of the restriction on the platform or technology, many TD games always have same shortcomings ——complex interaction, bad graphics, belonging to another game, etc. It is hard to find a good simple beautiful TD game. For that reason, we decided to make one ourselves —— That is why “Touhou Monster TD” was made.

A Tower Defense game with a Controllable character

The classic tower defense game as a strategy game, in my opinion, is lacking immersion. It is boring that you can only click the button but cannot walk around the map and feel the world. In Touhou Monster TD, you can not only control the character to go anywhere in the TD world, but also jump everywhere, build everywhere, and carry around the combat unit. You can even use skill at the important point to finish extra mission for reward.

Unique Graphic Art Style

Once exploring the artistic style, we found adding simple light effect with 2D object and 3D terrain is interesting. This “Paper Cutting Style” provides game a nice 3D effects, preserves 2D animes style and also presents“Kawaii” feeling. It is fun to watch our cute character carring other cute towers around. (Of cause, it can also save budget!)

Large variety of levels, enemies and towers

Story Level + Extra Level + Challenge Level, meet the needs of all type players.

60+ enemies with different skills and attributes, want to break your defense \:
15+ combat units with different features, will unlock unique skills and effects when level up.

Travel the Gensokyo

Every battle scene is designed carefully by heart, Hakurei Shrine, Magical Forest, The Human Village, Mist Lake, Scarlet Devil Mansion, Waterfall of Nine Heavens, Moriya Shrine, etc.
Enjoy the wonderful environment of the Gensokyo is also a nice experience in the game, isn’t it?

Touhou Project Fan Made Doujin Game

This is a Touhou Project Doujin Game. Original by ZUN, developed by MyACG Studio.
We make this game not for profit but for the indie game community we love.
Considering the gameplay, the story of this game is independent from the original story, and we add some personal understanding of the Touhou Project into it. Therefore, you do not need to fully understand Touhou Universe before you play this game.
We also add some popular memes from Touhou and Indie game community into the game, hope you can enjoy them.
If you like our game and want to know more about Touhou, please support the original game by ZUN. Thanks in advance.

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System requirements

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 4 Core CPU
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 512MB Graphic Card
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Normal Sound Card