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About the Game

Those who Came is a non-combat-based RPG game, where teamwork is the key to enjoy a bracing experience. As the Sainen, a strong and resilient civilization, you must explore and evolve inside a deadly and collapsing world!

In 2454, the Sainen, an intergalactic civilization, were forced into exodus. 200 years later, the explorers have been awakened, a mission has to be accomplished: reach the new Solarus world and make it their new home.

When the Sainen arrive on the planet, they will discover that despite being a desolate place, they are not alone. The Torek live in caves, surviving the great cataclysm. Together, Sainen and Torek will bring the planet back to life, forging a strong and deep connection in the process.
Can you find out how? Will you know how to use your powers as a team?

Product Features:
  • Non-class defined RPG: Equip different types of suits and mods, configuring your own class style, in combination with the magics!

  • Complete multiplayer experience: Always from a cooperative perspective, play together exploring the surface in a PvE environment, or fight against other players at the Arena.

  • Craft awesome gear: Through materials or fragments, players can create new suits and mods that will enhance the suits & magic capabilities.

  • Community matters: This is not only your story, but a global objective. Find all your friends inside, and heal Solarus!

  • Gather your crew: Each map has its own characteristics, but crews will always be from two to seven players.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Storage: 15 GB available space