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Short description

Stonedeep is an underground city builder. Your dwarfs gather resources to produce all kinds of things, they build structures and fend off waves of monsters. And yes, they need booze, sleep and more to stay happy. Keep them happy and taxes will be high and your underground domain will prosper.

About the Game

Dig tunnels and grow your empire

Dig into the Mountain and find resources to build and grow your kingdom. The more your civilization grows, the further you have to spread your tunnels.


At the current stage seasons are implemented visually. But will have more impact on the world in the future.

Level up your residents civilization levels

Currently, Stonedeep has five civilization levels. Every civilization level increases your daily tax income but also increases the needs of the involved residents. In Stonedeep similar to the really world there is a limited amount of Gold coins (money). You have to spend your money to get it back from your residents.

Current Status

Stonedeep currently includes 43 resources, 50 different blocks, 28 buildings, 12 professions, five civilization levels, and five types of adversaries and animals.

Plans for the Future

A total of four milestones are planned to expand and optimize these game components. In addition, other features and challenges will be added that offer players more game variations, scope for action and entertainment. This includes, for example, an extensive system with gears, through which the players can largely automate their productions. Mine wagons and elevators are also integrated to expand the transport system. Weather and seasons are also introduced as a further challenge when managing and planning. Combative game scenarios become much more complex and interesting for the players, among other things, through a more extensive combat system, additional adversaries and defense options as well as new professions. In addition, the game expands in the course of the project by another 40 resources, 22 blocks, 24 buildings, 4 civilization levels, 5 professions and 14 adversaries and animal species.

Early Access - what's done & what's to come

Early Access Release - released July 2019 -

Resources: ~17
Blocks: ~43
Buildings: ~18
Enemy-Types: 2

- Dwarfs have a chance to pass on their talents to the new generation
- Monsters spawn in waves
- Dwarfs need food and beer to stay happy
- Procedural map system
- Research new technologies
- Dwarfs may get sick
- Day-night cycle

Content patch 1 - released April 2020 -

Resources: ~43
Blocks: ~50
Buildings: ~28
Enemy-Types: 2

Development stages:
The homes of the dwarfs will now have development stages. The higher the stage the higher the max tax income of the specific home. Next patch will have up to the steel stage.
Dwarf needs:
Dwarf needs will increase with the stage of their home. For example when their home reaches stage 2 they have to eat prezl from time to time.
Some days a merchant will appear next to the main building where you can sell and buy limited resources.
Other stuff:
Stone is destroyable
Tiles/Blocks are dropping resources
More buildings have to be researched now.
Buildings have recipes. And now have the ability to produce different types of products.

Content patch 2 [Clockwork System] - in the future - [Milestone 1]

Resources: +10
Blocks: +1
Buildings: +22
Enemy-Types: + 0

+ Clockwork System (Automation from work)
+ Clockwork "Power stations"
+ Clockwork "Lines"
+ Clockwork
+ Mine cart lifts (faster travel)

Content patch 3 [Weather & Bioms] - in the future - [Milestone 2]

Resources: +11
Blocks: +21
Buildings: +10
Enemy-Types: + 0

+ Weather - 8x Weathereffects
+ 6x Bioms

Content patch 4 [Improving Monster System] - in the future - [Milestone 3]

Resources: +16
Blocks: +0
Buildings: +2
Enemy-Types: + 4

+ 4 Boss enemys
+ 2 Fighting dwarfs
+ 4 Traps ( Machines)
+ improving / Changing the Monster Dungeon system

Polish patch before Final Release - in the future - [Milestone 4]

+ Polish
+ Bug fixes
+ More polish
+ More bug fixes
+ Even more polish
+ Even more bug fixes

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System requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6567U CPU @ 3.30GHz 3.30 GHZ
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel(R) Iris(R) Graphics 550
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 3 GB available space