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About this bundle

Plot your civilization’s destiny across the stars in Stellaris Ultimate Bundle - and experience in full all released expansions, DLCs, and content packs for Paradox Development Studio’s widely acclaimed sci-fi grand strategy game.

Explore stars systems and their wonders, be awed by celestial mysteries, expand your galactic empire, customize your society as you see fit, engage in shrewd alien diplomacy or crush your opponents in brutal interstellar warfare - in Stellaris, a galaxy filled with opportunities awaits.

Complete your Stellaris experience with all currently available Expansions, Story and Species Packs on top of the Stellaris base game. Stellaris Ultimate Bundle also grants access to the Stellaris Galaxy Edition which features the Digital Collector’s Book, Complete Soundtrack, and original e-book Stellaris: Infinite Frontiers.

The Stellaris Ultimate Bundle contains expansive, in-depth gameplay, featuring:

Stellaris Expansions

  • Stellaris: Utopia - Build the perfect space society with profound new empire customization options, as well as introducing megastructures such as Dyson Spheres, habitat stations, and ring worlds.
  • Stellaris: Apocalypse - Redefine space warfare. This expansion brings with advanced weaponry, and new ways to bring death and destruction. Battle Marauder pirates, field new imposing capital ships, and destroy entire worlds with the terrifying new Colossus planet-killing weapon.
  • Stellaris: MegaCorp - Greed is good in this economy-focused expansion. Build your own interstellar corporate empire, dominate trade, and profit from a host of new economic features, including new megastructures, city worlds, galactic slave markets, and more.
  • Stellaris: Federations - Establish your dominion with expert diplomacy. Gain an edge through a myriad of new options to influence, manipulate, or cajole friends and foes alike, unite other empires on the Galactic Senate, and craft your own empire’s story with the new Origins mechanic.
  • Stellaris: Nemesis - Determine the fate of the galaxy with this expansion’s powerful end-game mechanics and events. Engage in Espionage, become a Galactic Custodian, or take up the mantle as the all-consuming Crisis and set the universe on fire.

    Additional DLC, Species and Story Packs

    The Stellaris Ultimate Bundle features all extra DLC released, including Species Packs, which allow you to choose and customize brand-new playable alien species - from sentient plant-based races to the undead Necrophage.

    • Stellaris: Plantoids Species Pack
    • Stellaris: Humanoids Species Pack
    • Stellaris: Lithoids Species Pack
    • Stellaris: Necroids Species Pack

    Each Stellaris Story Pack is filled to the brim with new content, introducing a host of new options and event chains, from deadly anomalies, mysterious alien artifacts, fallen empires to a playable Machine race made of sentient robots.

    • Stellaris: Leviathans Story Pack
    • Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn Story Pack
    • Stellaris: Distant Stars Story Pack
    • Stellaris: Ancient Relics Story Pack

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