N1L (No1Lives) (New Steam Account Global)

You get your own completely new account with the game N1L (No1Lives). It is possible to change all access to your Account Steam + EMail. Full access.

After payment you will receive access to your account and access to email, on which the account was registered.

No one has installed the game on the account before. Brand new account.


The world as you know it has come to an end! America is in chaos as everyone runs for cover from wave upon wave of Zombies! The government has issued Martial Law, and the people have resorted to kill or be killed in a land where WAR is the standard, and No1Lives... As panic gives way to man's base instincts to survive and the government issues a standing bounty for kills, Traders emerge, hidden in unlikely places, selling all manner of weapons to help you fight the Axis of Evil. Now you can find grenades, rocket launchers, chainsaws, crossbows, and any manner of death dealing hardware anywhere. But beware... someone may want what you have, and try to take it! Survival is all that matters, do you have what it takes?

The end of the life as we know it has begun. Tired of America's dominance around the World nations unite to end the United States once and for all! Battle as the Evil powers or the United States, fighting not only the enemy, but waves of zombies as you complete objectives to either restore the world to sanity, or totally destroy it! It is your choice, either way the world will never be the same again!

Assist in the completion of 10 objectives as either an Ally or Axis team member, restoring basic infrastructure to the world, or destroying it all! Along the way get paid for kills, using that money at in game merchants to buy more equipment, or just scavenge for what you can find! As you advance, kills and completed objectives your scores increase. Show the world you are the best, by beating everyone in the apocalypse! Along the way find vehicles to help you reach your locations, or just run over your enemies. Or perhaps you're the sniper type that climbs a ladder and hides in a silo loft with a sniper rifle, picking off the enemy from afar. But beware, when the nuke is armed time begins to run out! And if the Ally Forces fail to disarm it, the end is near! The choices within game are many. Please see community players guides for more information on weapons specifics, AI details, and for a complete break down of each objective, and play through.




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System requirements



  • OS: Windows
  • Processor: i3
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Minimum System Requirement GTX 970 or Equivalent
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 30 GB available space