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Proceeds from the sale of this game will help us create the final installment in the Lenny Loosejocks Trilogy - codename Lenny 3. Thanks for your support and come say 'Hi' in the Ezone Discord.

About the Game

Guide Lenny Loosejocks as he goes Walkabout in the Australian outback. It's the groundbreaking original Lenny Loosejocks web adventure in all its pixelated glory - exactly like you remember playing when you got home from school in 1997.

Use the arrow keys to guide Lenny around his home town of Pullyapantsup, Australia. Your task is to find and complete all the arcade and puzzle mini-games to earn a game icon. Some of the games include 'Cane Toad Explode', 'Bunyip Bash', 'Kanga Boxing', 'Didgeridoo-do' and 'Rockslide'. There are also some bonus arcade games like 'Aussie Surf Classic' and 'Space Waste'.

Visit destinations like the 'Info Booth', 'Post Office', 'Gift Shop' and 'Arcade' which contain humourous clickable vignettes and an icon display box that will reveal a secret code once you have earned the corresponding mini-game icon.

Help Lenny beat all the mini games, visit the destinations, collect the codes and solve the ultimate challenge. Do you still have what it takes?

Special thanks to super fan @TOMYSSHADOW who has made this Steam port possible. Proceeds from this version will help us create the final installment in the Lenny Loosejocks Trilogy - codename Lenny 3. Thanks for your support and come say 'Hi' in the Ezone Discord.


"Many a time there was a blood nose or a knocked out tooth because someone REALLY REALLY wanted to play Lenny Loosejocks or the funny game where the pigeon pooped on everything because primary school students love poop jokes"

"The Lenny Loosejocks and Fatboy games are my childhood"

"I gotta be honest & sentimental for one second, I played these games for hours as a kid. I was 6/7 years old maybe. They were a blast & foundational for my interest in games - leading to a game career. I finally recalled the name recently & just wanted to extend a thank you"

"As a kid I was confused by this game, as an adult I remain the same. 10/10, would get hit hard by nostalgia again"

"Honestly this game was one of the many Lenny Loosejocks games that made my childhood worthwhile. Even throughout all this time, it's still just as enjoyable and charming as it was all the way back then!"

"Quirky, oozes charm, this game is an experience on to itself. Walkabout this aussie weirdness, a true Ezone gem!"

"A game that grips me just as much now as it did in my childhood. Outstanding gameplay and great humor!"

“Lenny goes Walkabout provides a true and honest look into down under living. Smash some toads and stay awhile.”

"Great game, filled with great animation, minigames, and so much fun stuff to do"

"A piece of history in the early days of internet entertainment. Lenny Loosejocks was one of the mascots for Shockwave / Flash at the end of the 1990's and for good reason. In his first large scale adventure, you walk Lenny through the town of Pullyapantsup in The Land Of Down Under. Explore, play minigames, squish toads, and walk through a mind field that leaves you on a cliffhanger for Lenny's next adventure. It's been over twenty years, and the lovable oaf is still prevalent in my memories."

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System requirements

  • OS: Windows 95
  • Processor: Intel 386
  • Memory: 2 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Yes, this game has graphics.
  • Storage: 22 MB available space
  • Sound Card: Crikey, that would be handy!