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Short Presentation

Falconers’ Gate (FG) is a medieval action RPG, with a strong tactical component.

FG is an uchronia; its scenario is a rewrite of History, as it might have been with a few alterations of the past.

The game is set in a fictional version of 11st century medieval Normandy.

Key Elements:





  • Discover Medieval Normandy
  • Recruit and lead your own army in epic multiplayer battle
  • Customize your hero and your troops from levy to elite mailed troops
  • Enjoy a slow paced gameplay focused on tactic and manoeuver.



Detailed Presentation

October 14th, 1066: A Uchronia in the Skies

William the Conqueror is preparing to fight the Anglo-Saxons at the famous battle of Hastings. If he wins, a substantial part of England will be his to take.

On the other side of the Channel, in the heart of his duchy of Normandy, a comet streaks the night sky shortly before crashing down on the village of L’Aigle.

The fall of this celestial body on St. Martin’s Church is about to trigger a series of events that will upset the course of history as we know it, and unleash a terrible power struggle for the control of “Falconers Gate.”

You, the Comet’s Chosen One, are a Falconer at the head of your company, caught in the throes of a war that will lay waste to the region.

Will you be on the side of History or on the side of Change?

History Vs. Fantasy

Fantasy will be introduced progressively and will not be all over the game, much like in the universe of Game of Thrones. In particular, fantasy will be used as a means to integrate and rationalize the existence of certain comfort tools for gamers, such as Strategic View and even TPV (Third-Person View).

Combat Mechanics

Directional Fencing

FG uses a directional combo based combat system for the player. When you attack in a direction, its launch a side attack and 3 of its variation. At any time, you can change the side of your attack.

An armor worthy of the name

The pieces of armor used in FG will not only reduce the injuries you may suffer; if they are thick enough they will completely block the enemy strikes.

The game also features a damage system based on different kinds of strikes : slashing, blunt-force, and piercing, all with different properties depending on the three types of materials used for your protection: Fabric, Quilted, Mesh / Plates.

Health/Conscience/Stamina System

FG features a health system that seeks to reproduce the complexity of wearing armor on a battlefield during prolonged periods of combat, without excessively interfering with the game mechanics.

Each body part has its own hitbox and its own health points. Losing an arm will cost you the use of the corresponding equipment. However, as long as your chest and head are intact, you can always take flight or continue fighting with what you are carrying in your other hand. That is, if you still have your legs!

Your Army

Epic Battles

From the Forest of Écouves to the plains of the Pays d’Auge, you will do battle against your enemies in realistic environments!

FG will immerse you in battles involving hundreds of warriors in 1vs1 to 5vs5 battle, with each player leading 40 to 100 men at the same time.


Each group of combatants uses its own particular set of military formations.

The game features a huge variety of units : spearmen, pikemen, swordmen, axeman, javelinmen, all coming with their particular ability and formation.
Spearmen can form a specific shield wall when swordsmen can gather around you and follow you in the middle of battle.
Archers and Javelinemen use a realistic ballistic with arrows hitting each other on their way to your ennemy and break on heavy armor.

Army Customization

As soon as you recruit a combat unit, it will start to grow and evolve over the course of time (and depending on the various encounters they follow you in). Units will vary in kind, depending on whether you are recruiting in a town or village (rural or urban militia) or on whether you are directly hiring mercenaries.

You may recruit up to 3 groups of 20 to 47 combatants, in order to form your 60 to 100-man company according to the style of gameplay that suits you best. You are free to staff your company homogeneously with soldiers specializing in a certain kind of weapon, or to form a versatile combat group skilled in fighting with different kinds of weapons.

An Endless Range of Possibilities

Each of your 3 combat squads will have its own combination of skills and experience. The skill tree may feature linear branches affording huge bonuses but require that you stick to a precise path, or may allow you to choose between different nodes whose effects can vary in interest but offer a broader range of choices.

You will thus benefit from a significant number of possibilities that can transform your unorganized and unruly peasants into robust soldiers, trained in a variety of devastating combat techniques.

From Footmen to Knights

FG’s combat units will be organized into Infantry and Cavalry:



  • The Cavalry will focus mainly on its ability to launch irresistible charges whilst carefully avoiding a wall of lances anchored in the ground.
  • The Infantry will occupy the field through sheer mass, the use of formations, and methodical progression.

Archers will work differently from classical units. Once unlocked and recruited, they will accompany you in battle as a support unit. You will decide when they should shoot their arrows “outside of the map” or when to order them to pick a fixed position where they can stick their arrows in the ground in order to shoot faster.

Shields Up!

The skills that you will be able to choose for your combat units will range from passive abilities (bonus health, increased stamina…) and active skills that you can use during battle.

For instance, being able to charge the enemy (slow or at full speed) is one of the most common abilities in FG.

But many other ability exist in the game with different effect and utility.



Other Features

An innovative tactical interface

Your character’s skills will be mainly practical. Falconers are no super-heroes; even though you will be definitely stronger than the average soldier, it will be impossible for you to take on an army on your own.

Falconer’s View will be your main practical skill. It will grant you a tactical view of the battlefield in an instant, allowing you to optimize your troops’ position in just a few clicks.

You will be granted a large choice of skills, ranging from a simple area buff or debuff to special strikes combos.

Much like your units, your skill tree (of which your Sergeants have a similar variant) will lead you to make decisive choices: specialize in one skill or unlock several of them, improve a wide range of characteristics or excel in one type of buff…

We are looking forward to take you with us through Falconers’ Gate!



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System requirements



  • OS: W7
  • Processor: I5-4500 / Ryzen 1600
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 1060 / AMD 5700
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 5 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Subject to change through early access stage