Kindergarten 1 & 2 Bundle! (New Steam Account Global)

You get your own completely new account with the game Kindergarten 1 & 2 Bundle!. It is possible to change all access to your Account Steam + EMail. Full access.

After payment you will receive access to your account and access to email, on which the account was registered.

No one has installed the game on the account before. Brand new account.

About this bundle

Now you can get Kindergarten 1 & 2 in one convenient bundle! That's two days of school in one neat little package! Your Mondays and Tuesdays will never be the same!

Across Kindergarten 1 & 2 there are:

  • 16 total story missions!
  • 75 Monstermon Cards to collect!
  • Dozens of ways to die!
  • 2 Nugget Caves!
  • ...and a never ending loop of terrible Mondays and Tuesdays!

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