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About this bundle

Hypercharge is a classic-style Third and First-Person Shooter inspired by Toy Story and Small Soldiers. This bundle offers everything in the world of Hypercharge.

What's Included

  • Breaker Action Figure
    Shielded by a modified super suit stolen from Major Evil's hidden Meanbot factory, Breaker freed his people from the grueling labor of building Major Evil's army. He’s returned to hunt down Major Evil, rid the planet of Meanbots, and serve some serious revenge!
  • Mightus Action Figure
    From Earth 6492, Mightus has crash landed while escaping invasion from the Pylons. Discovering this dimension utilizes Hypercore Technology that could power her vessel, Mightus has joined Max Ammo in the fight to stop Major Evil's destruction of the Earth's remaining Hypercores.
  • Classic Hypercharge Action Figure
  • Roadwarrior Action Figure
  • Over 18 Unique Skins and Weapon Materials
  • Original Hypercharge Soundtrack
    Venture into the vibrant and colorful world of Hypercharge: Unboxed through the original in-game soundtrack. It contains 29 full tracks with a listening time of over 2 hours.
Please note: The awesome skins above are only cosmetic, and in no way provide the player with any in-game advantage.

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