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About this bundle

Enjoy a special fan discount for all Hop Step Sing! content. The bundle contains all songs for the group.

"Kisekiteki Shining!"
"Kimamani☆Summer vacation"
"Nozokanaide Naked Heart"
"Astral Piece"

About Hop Step Sing!
"I want to sing forever! I'll become an idol!"
Niina Nijikawa, whose practice at Karaoke paid off and she actually became a real idol.
Mikasa Minowa, whose need for adulation means she's continually uploading videos and hosting live streams.
Shikiri Shiishiba, who decides the pair needs someone to look after them.
These three young girls form Hop Step Sing! and this is their first single, now available in VR!

Niina Nijikawa: Maria Sashide
Shikiri Shiishiba: Mariko Toribe
Mikasa Minowa: Natsumi Hioka

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