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About this bundle

Get 3 classic family board games from Marmalade Game Studio and Hasbro in this fantastic game bundle. Play CLUE/CLUEDO, THE GAME OF LIFE 2 and BATTLESHIP with family and friends, or challenge yourself against our AI opponents! You can also play against fans from around the world with online multiplayer!

CLUE/CLUEDO - The classic mystery game. WHO, with WHAT weapon and WHERE!? Sleuth your way to the truth with the help of an innovative logic-assisted virtual clue sheet. Take notes and eliminate red herrings. Whodunit? Only you can find out!

THE GAME OF LIFE 2 - The official contemporary sequel to THE GAME OF LIFE introduces more choices and new crossroads to the traditional mix! With a thousand new ways to live, and money no longer the only path to success, what will you choose?

BATTLESHIP - Challenge friends and family in Classic Mode or the all-new Commanders Mode. Feel a change in the waters with this fast-paced, strategic and tactical variation as you wage war on the high seas!

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