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About this bundle

Adventures and mysteries of the past and future have always enthralled mankind. Syberia, Syberia II, The Descendant, The Uncertain: Last Quite Day, The Uncertain: Light At The End are all part of the Adventure Stories Bundle - a collection of adventure games boasting tons of characters to meet, places to explore, and stories to discover.

Start your journey with Syberia and continue the story in Syberia II. Then dive deeper into the future. See through robots' eyes in The Uncertain: Last Quite Day and observe the opposite, the human side of a post-apocalyptic future, in The Uncertain: Light At The End. Finally, survive and help humanity in The Descendant.

The Adventure Stories Bundle features:
-Syberia 2
-The Descendant
-The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day
-The Uncertain: Light At The End

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