Shared account with digital product 

How it works:

1. One purchase - activation on one PC.

2. After the purchase Steam Account, the seller sends access to his account with a digital product, login and password to the buyer. 

3. The data of such an account (login and password) cannot be changed.

4. Use digital products only in accordance with the instructions. After the first launch of the game, then always before launching the game, enable offline mode (then always play offline mode ).  Failure to follow the instructions (all steps in the instructions) gives the right to refuse service to the buyer.

5. In the personal account on the website in the section - My orders, the buyer can see information with access to the account in the Order.

6. Attention! Other users can also access the account with the game. On the product page there is a text and video instruction on how to use the product. If the buyer uses the product not according to the instructions, the seller and the Site-Games.Com administration are not responsible for possible incidents.

7. Attention! If you bought an Steam, EA or Ubisoft account and the system asks you to turn on the online mode, or you want to update the game, you need to make a copy of your saves and settings before turning on the online mode. Look on the Internet where your game saves are located.

8. Attention! By purchasing a product marked as Account (in the product name), you agree that you voluntarily refuse a refund.

9. Attention! Before playing, we recommend disabling the Remote Play on Steam feature. How to do this - Or look on the Internet for another way to disable it.

10. At, you can request a limited number of Steam codes to sign into account. Please follow the instructions for using the product so that Steam does not ask for a Steam Guard Code every time you log into Steam account.

11. If you have run out of attempts to get a steam guard code on, please contact the seller. The seller will send the steam guard code manually.

12. Steam accounts are sold without access to the Steam Workshop and access to PIN from Family View, Family Share, game achievements, some account or game settings may not be available. Do not support GeForce NOW or similar services. 

13. If the game does not start due to technical problems, this is not the problem of the seller. The game is officially purchased on Steam (Epic Games, Ubisoft) .

14. Please review our Digital Product Refund Policy marked Account.

15. The account is being sold for informational purposes, so that the buyer can play the full version of the game and decide to purchase the game on his own account.


According to the seller, this account is the property of the seller and was obtained / registered by legal means.

Site-Games.Com does not allow the publication of illegal content on the pages of the resource.


If copyright has been violated, please inform the administration