911 Operator - Complete Edition (New Steam Account Global)

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About this bundle

More 911 Operator in one bundle!

- 911 Operator
Game about the difficult work of people that manage emergency lines and services. Your task is to answer incoming calls and to react properly - give first aid instructions, advise, dispatch correct number of firemen / police / ambulances, or sometimes - just ignore the call. Play on ANY CITY in the world!

- 911 Operator: Special Resources DLC
After installing the DLC, you will be able to get additional content in game:

8 special emergency vehicles:
Bicycles (very slow and cheap)
Unmarked police car (has a larger chance to spot road laws violations)
Sport car (much faster)
Armored van (gives protection)
Large Police Helicopter (can take to custody)
Medical Bike (fastest medical help but no bonuses nor places)
Large ladder (for tall buildings)
Mobile hospital (that can be set by firemen)

6 special equipment types:
Police dog (can be a weapon, can be a bonus)
Shotgun (large damage, slow reload)
Taser (safer than guns)
Defibrillator (used for near fatal injuries)
Heavy fire suit (additional protection for firemen)
Bomb defuse robot

15 more reports off all types, like chemicals on fire, street fights or computer games addicts :)

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